Building A Brand

Hello everyone.  My name is Anthony Norman White.  Some of you may remember me from such high schools as South Jefferson.  Others may remember me from such colleges as SUNY New Paltz.  Others still from various bands, publications, restaurants, and possibly jail cells.  I am joining the 21st century and building a brand.  Apparently, according to numerous publishers and agents that yell at me, I have to do this in order to gain popularity, in order for people to give me money, so I can publish books, plays, and music.  I thought the books, plays and music were supposed to speak for themselves, but, alas!  Wrong again, Bubby Boy.  Wrong again.

I have no idea where to begin other than these few pathetic, hastily written, garbage filled paragraphs.  If you don’t know who I am, I can easily see where you’d click the x button, and sign off the web, to never return, knowing that morons like me can log on and try to grab attention.  I have always been a “look at me” kind of guy.  But more in person than anywhere else.  I only recently got on Instagram, I have never had a facebook page, and years back embarrassingly tried to promote some solo music on myspace.  I have usually ridden the coat tails of Drunkenpor, which meant jumping on Devin Spencer‘s back and asking him to take me to the nearest bar.

So, I will try to accommodate anyone out there. If you have a story that you’d like me to tell, I’ll tell it.  If you would like to hear ad nauseam my opinions on anything, just ask.  But for the most part, I’ll be putting out bits of my novels, parts of my plays, songs (solo or otherwise), and in general trying to put on a show.  Don’t worry Farles, I’ll be dusting off the soap box soon, spit and whiskey spraying from my lips as venomous bile bubbles at the core of my pot belly stove of hate.

Thank you.

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