Trump: An Invaluable Tool

Every good story needs a bad guy.  Brash, rich, taunting, bullying, and eccentric are all good bad guy qualities.  Trump, in some circles, is that guy.  He encompasses those qualities with a rare charm, a dinner party wit, an engrossing enigmatic radiance that comes off as intelligence.  His rhetoric, spark, and flatulent ejaculations have made this presidential race, if nothing else, a memorable one.  The ‘Year that Trump ran for president’ is a funny earmark to a normally chaotic life imbued only in redundancy.  He has successfully split the GOP and divided the country into two teams.  There are signs made for front lawns that look like campaign support signs from a distance, but upon closer inspection read “I don’t know…Not Trump!”

No matter what side of the Trump wall you stand on the sentiment is polarizing.  One side feels passionate about him, while the other side passionately hates him.   But, instead of choosing to hate the hate monger, maybe we should embrace him, hug him, love him even, because he has done us all a gigantic favor.  He has successfully pinpointed what is wrong with America with just 3 lonely, desolate words. Never has a candidate so successfully pinned all of what’s wrong in our enormous, prosperous, and diverse country into a simple phrase that resonates with everyone so easily, so simply, so perfectly that every American can feel Trump’s presence without him actually taking the presidency.  It so simple it’s surprising how many people missed it.

We should not be surprised at the uproar.  The public is a balloon that if pushed in one spot lets out in another. Trump has pushed in here or there and out the supporters and protestors rang.  It’s nice to see America fervent about politics again.  Casual conversation has pursued political tones over the last few months proving that our average citizen is finally tuning out the next Idol, and tuning in to the mind we want behind the wheel of our great country.  It’s almost like Trump did make America great again, already, by simply being, by simply running for presidency, by simply being on television.  He did more with his 3 little words to America than any other recent politician or businessman.

Trump has successfully proven that a candidate in the 2016 can still run on simple terms.  Not wrapped up in complications of why the Trans Pacific Partnership can’t work, but just that it can’t work.  Trump has made clear that ISIS can easily be defeated by 20,000 troops, and that it “won’t take long” as he has been told by “someone”.  It’s too bad our myriads of politicians, foreign policy administers, and military war generals can’t understand this.  The war could have been over by now!  He also states that bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US will help not only the middle class, but also the upper middle class creating jobs for unskilled laborers and creating middle management jobs for others.   I’m shocked that more politicians haven’t bolstered this simple fix, proving that 25 years of outsourcing can be quickly fixed in a single presidential term.  He seems to contain all the answers, while conveniently entertaining the crowd with whimsical epithets about the sizes of other candidate’s penises.

Trump has successfully won over a portion of the American public with a slick campaign speech and 3 words that sum up his attitude, posture, and philosophy.  “Build a wall.”  Those 3 words have proven why Trump is such an invaluable tool.  He has drawn the line and shown who stands together; who is for America, and who, in this country is just a blatant racist.  He wants to build up a wall to stop all people from south of our border from entering illegally.  He wants to stop all Muslims from coming into this country.  He wants to separate America from the rest of the world due to fear, misunderstanding, rhetoric, ignorance, and the typical American fast fix.  Despite no facts backing Trumps claims, and no scholarly political or financial pundits agreeing with him, Trump marches on, shouting his cry at every rally.  “We are going to build a wall!”  The crowd loves it, their fears of being randomly attacked by an Islamic extremist and their job being stolen by a poor South American fade, as a rich guy taunts incessantly ranting about his braggadocio and his Scrooge McDuck like money.

Supporters shout about Trump completing his candidacy success without the financial backing of Wall Street, other billionaires, and Super PACs.  This proves that he is doing it for the American people and not the money; it proves he isn’t taking slush funds from huge corporations that “help” run this country.  It proves that he doesn’t need the help of others to make decisions.  We will have only Congress and the Judicial System for checks and balances, the way it was intended to work.  But if the Republicans and the Democrats both can’t get along with Donald, then how will anything pass?  If his bravado and ego get in the way of compromise, how will we ever fix what he says is broken?  He is still just another billionaire running the country.  He didn’t take money from many corporations, he’s taking money from his own corporation.

Building a wall may be an answer.  But it is becoming apparent that it is not THE answer.  The same folks that stand at the border with picket sign and fire power screaming at people who don’t speak the same language are seemingly never in front of the people who do the illegal hiring.  Is the problem that people from ravaged countries take our jobs?  Or is that when they get here there are business owners lined up willing to pay these poor folk illegally to avoid taxes and insurance?

To make American great again we need to knock the walls down, bring everyone together and have people contribute to community as evenly as possible.  Building walls only separates us further, creating unbeatable barriers that drive stakes in the hearts of too many people.  Unrest, confusion, fear and hate cannot make the country great again, this country is great and what makes it so great is all the different and wonderful people who reside in it.  Instead of dividing everyone up into neat packages, let’s break down the walls and find the roots of these problems, let’s find ways to bring harmony to our communities, end xenophobia, fear, and hate mongering.  No more fighting with each other about who is right and who is wrong.  If the individuals who feel America needs to be made great again truly cared about this country, the world, and all of the people in it, they would use understanding and knowledge to help solve the problems that we face, end fear and racism, and work together to build a strong future.

But it is easier to be impressed by a thousand dollar suit.  It’s easier to hate something you don’t really understand.  But what Trump did for this nation is prove that we are a scared group of people, nervously awaiting the other shoe to drop, blaming everyone but ourselves.  Those Trump bumper stickers and campaign signs in front yards have illuminated something more dreadful than Donald Trump becoming president; that we’ll remain separate forever.  Let this be the wakeup call, America and don’t forget to thank The Donald for being an invaluable tool.


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