New Series of Stories

I started a few series of stories that are getting published by The Good Men Project. I got the idea because there are two things I say often.

“I swear this story sounds made up, but I promise you it is not.”

“My life is a cartoon.”

I have more weird shit happen to me in a month than most people do in their entire life. Yes it makes me crazy, but it also makes me who I am. I’ve often tried to hide these things, choosing instead to only share the parts that make me seem cool, awesome, or scholarly. But that’s not writing. It’s faking it.

The truth is that I’m none of those things above. I’m just a regular person who has had a bunch of weird ass shit happen to him. I’m a riot at the local dive bar. I’m good on long car rides if you don’t mind the sound of my excited voice. I’d be a hell of a guy to get stuck in an elevator with.

So that’s what I’m attempting to do. Be honest and be entertaining while telling the absolute truth. In the past I’ve written articles on sports, current events, and political views. That stuff was real too, and I had read up on the subject and then wrote from the heart, but it wasn’t me. It’s not exactly how I talk. I’m still searching to find that balance between voice and paper.

So TGMP has been gracious enough to allow me to exercise my demons to an audience. 2 have been published so far, with at least 2 more to go. There’s about 300 in the hopper, but I think we’ll start with 4 and see what the reaction is. If people are buying, we’ll keep it flowing. If they fall by the wayside, well then it may be back to the old drawing board.

Here’s the published versions:

My Pot Thing and Murder Friend

I Could Have Been a Drug Dealer

Thanks for clicking and reading.

I’m continuing to work on my 3rd novel, currently called Shoot the Breeze. It’s a story about losing and gaining identity and gun control. It’s a depressing story and it’s been actually difficult to write. But the world is kind of depressed right now and this is what’s flowing out of me, so I continue to go with it.

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