Anthony Norman White

Freelance Writer


Anthony Norman White Writer

Anthony Norman White Writer

Anthony Norman White is a Freelance Writer and musician currently living in Rochester, NY with his wife and son.

Anthony was first published in 2005 where he was included in a magazine with the short story “A Grocery Story Story”. That same year, Anthony helped form the studio band “Drunkenpor”  writing, recording, and producing original songs and scores.  He graduated from SUNY Empire in 2007.

In 2009, Anthony formed the band Pat Buchanan’s Hearse and recorded two albums over the next three years. Also in 2009 his first original stage play “A Little Happy Mess” was produced and performed. The following year, Anthony’s adaptation of Shel Silverstein’s “An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein” was produced and performed. In 2014, Anthony wrote a series of poetry published by the Corn Hill Gazette, commemorating the historic area of Corn Hill.

In 2015 he started writing for becoming the sites editor just one year later. He also wrote for and The Sports Talk. That same year, Anthony completed a new stage play, “Static in the Attic”, with original scores by Drunkenpor, that is currently being considered for production.

In 2018, Anthony left the sports writing world to start his own publishing and production company, Little Union Creative. His illustrated poetry chapbook “A Livestock of Words” is set for release, with a corresponding album of music and the spoken word.

His novel, “A Minimal Reaction” is currently being edited.


Anthony can be found on:

Twitter @anthnormanwhite

Instagram @anthonynormanwhite

Facebook @ Anthony Norman White

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